Our purpose at Grandcon Pty Ltd is to provide a home to its clients. We strongly believe in the following values and determine each business decision with these in mind:


A strong foundation, whether it is a house or an idea, provides the ability to grow and evolve within uncertain times and flourish in better times. Having a strong base relationship with the client and within the project team provides a cohesive unit and allows us to work together towards the one goal - success. A strong base is like a strong family, one that you are always able to rely on and come back to.


Though collaboration and consultation with our clients and team, we believe that innovation is born. The amalgamation of young minds with those of excessive knowledge and experience within the industry provides the framework where ideas can be moulded and bought to life in an open and encouraging environment.


Respect to the client and to others within the project. Through respect, we are able to truly appreciate and harness the requirements of the client and the knowledge of the project team to create a service which is unparalleled in the industry. Respect extends outside of the company unit to others within the industry. Understanding that trades within the industry are fundamental to a projects success is extremely important. A body is only as good as the sum of its parts.


The quality of workmanship, knowledge, service, collaboration and innovation within Grandcon is of the highest standard. By encouraging the best out of our team through correct management techniques and placement, the quality of work will be translated into the customer’s home.